Palisades - Denfair 2019 

Thankyou for visiting us at Palisades Denfair, we love having you at our exhibition of New Zealand furniture and lighting design. 

The exhibitors at the Palisades stand are:

Think + Shift 

Tim Webber Design

Goldsworthy Studio

Alex Buckman

Supported by:

Autex Industries (manufacturers of the innovative wall design)

Designers Institute of New Zealand

Palisades is an immersive textural landscape inhabited by New Zealand designers Nathan Goldsworthy, Think + Shift,  Tim Webber and Alex Buckman; along with supporting works by local designers and artists. Palisades draws inspiration from the fortifications that once protected early settlements positioned on sloping hillsides throughout New Zealand. Curved walls fabricated from softly wrapped tubes echo the ancient defences. They guide you through intimate, subtlety illuminated spaces, dampening audible and visual noise from the surrounding environment. Supported by Autex Industries and The Designers Institute of New Zealand, Palisades is a celebration of contemporary New Zealand design and craft.