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The Series Sofa has been designed as a modular residential product with large, soft components to emphasise comfort and leisure. The low base and solid forms give the sofa a bold and solid, yet inviting presence.

* When at checkout in the 'Add special instructions to your order' section, please specify the colour name of the fabric you wish for your series sofa.


Various modules are available which can transform the sofa into L shapes, extended sofas or even back-to-back units. This modularity means the product is versatile in the way it can be arranged in a space and, if specified, the clients can freely shift the individual items to suit their needs.

A defining feature of the Series Sofa is the perforated steel panel designed to fit to the arms units. The perforations in the panel are used as the anchor points for attaching shelves to the side of the sofa, creating movable side tables. 


Fabric Options:
Mokum Allium
Mokum Pure

Timber frame; High density foam



The Series Sofa is supplied with our 5 year warranty.


This product is made to your specifications so a lead time of 6-7 weeks will apply. We will confirm the delivery date after your purchase.

The transit time for delivery will vary depending on your location. All products are shipped from Auckland, New Zealand.